Founded in 1981 by  Ismail DEMIR as a family company, Balap is growing even larger with every new generation. Today, with its two Bursa-based operations located on 12 thousand m² area, by producing plastic injection parts and molds and services to global automotive industry  leaders of TIER 1, serves as a solution partner to its customers.



As a global service provider to various countries, especially to Europe today, to have the ability to offer customer-specific logistics services and high product quality in accordance with the local conformation of the countries that is located.

New product commissioning processes support for customer as a solution partner.

Balap has ability to design tool and parts.

In every new term, the interest to learn new technologies and to be able to apply the technology in a correct and high quality by making partnerships with the expert companies in this field,

How could be better? How else could we improve our system? Our target is to focus on these 2 questions.
These facts make Balap different for our all competitors.