Our Production Technologies

Plastic Injection

Standard convection injection
Over molded Injection
2 Component Injection (2K)
2 Component Injection (2K)-Rotating plate
Blow Molding Injection
Baby Injection

Thermoplastic Welding

Hot plate welding

Ultrasonic welding


Manufacturing Support Units

Injection robots

Online data trace from production and collection units and tablet application.

Testing and Controling Equipment

Measuring Machine

-3D Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
-Color Control Cabin
-Color Measuring Machine (Spectrometer)
-Profile Projection
-Gloss Measuring Machine
-Shore Measuring Machine
-Control fixtures

Testing Machine

-Flammability Testing Machine
-MFI Testing
-Ash content Testing
-Humidity Measurement Machine
-Tensile Compression Testing

Logistic Management

Web EDI Application

WEB EDI enables us  to receive customer orders  and invoices via the portal on the web, to organize the labels according to the EDI norm and to send invoices  to customer via this system.

ERP ve Barcode Application

We are able to provide instant and simultaneous follow-up of material inputs and outputs all warehouse management via ERP via barcode application.

Kanban Vehicle Preparation Area

By ensuring that the products are ready for customer delivery at least one hour ago, we provide tracking of missing or overstated manifest before delivery.

Foreign Warehouse Management

We can offer products and services just in time and quantity that  requested to our  foreign customers globally by the help of our logistic centers in Europe.